The Company contrasts rigorous partnering and athletic movement with authentic human content to create emotionally moving dance that is both visually beautiful and physically demanding.

Since arriving in Seattle from New York in 2001, its’ programming has been seen throughout the West Coast and abroad by over 30,000 people with works ranging from undercover site-specific pieces that spring to life around unsuspecting audiences to staged full-length interdisciplinary productions.

Beginning at New York University in 1986 and transforming into a formal performing and touring company in 1990, its work has been presented in ten countries on three continents in festivals and venues such as The Spoleto Festival USA, Dias de Dansa/Festival GREC (Barcelona), the World Expo (Lisbon) and many others. It has conducted international residencies, sponsors a summer dance program at Wild Meadows Farm in Pennsylvania and founded the annual Seattle International Dance Festival - Beyond the Threshold