"The entire Phffft! company demonstrated smooth partnering skills and fluid ensemble work that belied the strength and precision timing they took to execute."

Michael Upchurch - Seattle Times

Khambatta's choreography has plenty of merit, keeping to the theme in all sorts of cogent and remarkable ways. He made a statement with words, then let movement do the rest. It is not just an exercise in smooth-limbed lyricism for couples. It possesses all sorts of angular rhythms, with dancers flinging themselves at one another only to flee the other direction...His company of five dancers, including himself, reveals real training and real technique. They work together with zeal and cohesiveness.

R.M. Campbell - Seattle Post Intelligencer

“...just a flow of clever choreographic material that proceeded in fits and starts. Smile America’s real success was kinesthetic. In almost constant contact with one another, dancers flew, pulled and drew on each others energy…it was the sheer physicality of the dancing that won the evening.”

Pamela Squires - The Washington Post

"...Viewers may feel as if they’ve witnessed an episode of Survivor designed for the urbane and aesthetically inclined. Mr. Khambatta’s message is harsh, but his tone (conveyed through humorous commentary, and a kind of warped, underlying optimism) is warm and invigorating. Providing just the kind of jolt and pleasure we expect from a good cup of coffee - or an innovative dance company from Seattle..."

Joanna Beresford - The Desert Sun